Ministering in Ukraine

Hello, and welcome to the internet home of the Sobie family! My  name is Scott, and our family has a desire to serve the Lord by serving the people of Ukraine where Oksana, my wife, was raised and where we have felt the call of God. This web site is an opportunity for us to post regular updates so that you, our friends and prayer supporters, can effectively know how our family is doing, what we are doing, and how you can pray! May Jesus Christ be honored and glorified! Thank you, and we hope that you enjoy our site!


Christmas Outreach

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

A few miles away from our village is the town of Dneprorudniy, where Oksana grew up, and there we have many friends and acquaintances - people whom Oksana knew from her childhood, sellers at the market and shops where we make many purchases, etc.  We always invite these people to the Christmas service at our church in Balki, but.....

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Ministry Update


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Population: 45 million

Percentage of Evangelical Christians: less than 2%

Life Expectancy: 68 years old (77 years in the U.S.)

HIV/AIDS:  1.1% (one of highest in Europe)

Casualties from the current war in East Ukraine:  over 6,000



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An ebook of photographs from my 2015 pilgrimage to Israel, and HERE'S A LINK to the incredible tour of Israel which I would highly recommend!

"Following In His Steps"

1) Please pray that the Holy Spirit would work in the hearts of the many people who heard the gospel in our home or at one of the many places we shared over these Christmas events from the past weeks.

2) We just learned that a young couple from a neighboring village, friends of ours - Vasili and Galina, received some very difficult news this week.  Galina has cancer that has now spread to her liver.  They have several young children and need prayer now as they face this diagnosis.  

3)  I am so thankful for your continued prayers for my Dad as he finishes up treatment for the brain tumor which has left him very weak.  We are so concerned about him and it is hard to be this far away from my parents during this hard time.  But knowing that so many are bringing him before the Lord in prayer does lift our faith as well.