Ministering in Ukraine

A Reminder of God's Care

Saturday, October 20, 2018

A Reminder of God's Care

(From Oksana)  

  "I remember as I read my Bible on March 3, 2018, I was very discouraged.  Scott and I were facing some disappointment and pressures which were weighing heavily on me.  For some time, I had been going through a spiritually dry time.  I had been searching my heart and searching Scripture for answers.  Before I began my quiet time that day, I had anticipated that maybe today I would read something and God would speak to me.  But even after reading for a while, I didn’t experience the joy and victory like I had in the past.  So after I read Ephesians 1, I underlined some verses, and made a note by them, “I don’t FEEL it!”  I was so discouraged and wanted to feel the excitement of being God’s child, and wanted to feel a joy and victory in Christ.   But as I sat, and thought about this, I began to remind myself that even when I don’t feel God’s intimate presence, He still exists!  I ended up on my knees and there I deliberately made the choice to praise God even though I didn’t feel it.  Afterward, I added another note: “I prayed and told myself that the day will come when I will feel God’s presence again.”  After this, I continued to find encouragement by reading Hebrews 11:1, 6, and Hebrews 3:19.  

  It was about five or ten minutes later when Scott walked into the room and told me that had something amazing to share with me.   He told me about his conversation with Petar Nenadov and about Petar's offer to have our family travel to Israel with his family during their sabbatical.  For years, this had been my dream!  To visit the Holy Land as a family!  Scott and I knew that this was financially impossible for us.  We are a family of eight and things are very expensive in Israel.  It seemed absolutely unrealistic.  At least, that’s how it looked a year ago - just one of those crazy dreams.  

  But that was then.  As for the present?  We just returned from Israel as a family!  God did what seemed so impossible for us!  He gave the desire of my heart and blessed us with an unforgettable family experience in Jerusalem, Galilee, Samaria and so many of those amazing places of the Bible.  Our hearts are overwhelmed with gratitude to God and to Peter and Amy for making this possible for our whole family to enjoy Israel!

  So, in the end, I will remind you of what I often have had to remind myself:  “Even when the dark clouds cover the sun, it still exists.”  And even when we go through dark circumstances and dry seasons of life, God is still right there and still in control.”

Our family by the Jordan River