Ministering in Ukraine

Sowing Seeds Along the Way

Saturday, November 4, 2015

Sowing Seeds Along the Way

  As our family drove along one day, we picked up a soldier who was hitchhiking to the train station to meet with his unit in eastern Ukraine.  We were surprised to find out that Sergei was actually from our village even though we had never met!  As we traveled, we shared Christ with him, and before dropping him off we had the chance to buy him winter boots which we could see he needed.  We prayed with Him and left him with a Bible.  A few days ago, we received a grateful, tearful call from his mother here in our village (her name is Maya) as she thanked us for showing kindness to her son (who had called her to tell her about us).  She asked when our church services are held, and then told us that her granddaughter, Angelina, is one of the girls who comes to our Sunday School.  As we see the Lord orchestrating these contacts, we know that His purposes are being accomplished and His grace is reaching out to give people here in Ukraine a chance to hear and respond to the message of Christ.