Ministering in Ukraine

Shining In His


Sunday, November 17, 2019

Shining in His Presence

   I just finished leading our little Ukrainian congregation through a series of sermons from the Book of Exodus, and my own heart was stirred as I read the account of Moses' shining face after he communed with God on the mountain in Exodus 34:29-35.  In my study, I came across these insightful words by an old Bible scholar, W.A. Gray:

  "The glory on Moses’ face was not brought there just that others might watch and, admire. His features would have glowed all the same, had there been no one to watch and to marvel in all the plain; and heaven’s own light would have glanced and flickered from his face among the bare dead sands and unconscious stones where he trod, making the solitude around him luminous. So again with the child of God. His shining does not need the stimulus of spectators."

   I want to learn to know and love being in the presence of God so that my life can be transformed and, regardless of whether or not I am ministering or serving in the presence of others, I will be changed into the image that God wants me and intends me to be.  I don't want the difference that Christ makes in my life to be only "visible" when I'm with others.  I want it to be a reality that God Himself sees when He looks upon my heart and when I'm even just alone in His presence.  I want to be real.  So that one day soon when I kneel before God in His eternal presence, I will be kneeling not before a Stranger but before the Shepherd and Friend whom I knew and loved.