Ministering in Ukraine

Learning to Lean on Jesus

Friday, May 20, 2016

Learning to Lean on Jesus

  Saturday, May 7, was the most terrifying day of our lives, but also a day of experiencing God's grace, strength, mercy and even peace in a way we have never experienced before.

  I was in the center of the village at a youth meeting.  Oksana was in the kitchen making a meal for guests who had just arrived.  The younger children who had been with Daniel had run downstairs to greet our guests.  In the meantime, little Daniel went into our girls’ room, climbed his way onto a desk, behind the bookshelf in front of a window, onto the window shelf, pressed on the screen of the open window which gave way, and he fell from the second floor onto the pavement below.  I believe that the edge of the metal overhang of our front door broke his fall somewhat and God may have used that to save his life.

  His skull was fractured but miraculously, there was no hemorrhaging from the skull fracture.  He was in the hospital for nearly two weeks,  but after just a day he began quietly saying words, smiling and asking about things - and had a very good appetite.  We were overwhelmed by the goodness and mercy of God. When I look at the height from which he fell, I know that there is no way (physically speaking) that he should be alive or at least not suffering severe internal injuries or paralysis.  

  There are several other windows in the house which we had expressly forbidden him to climb, but this one was blocked by furniture and in the girls' bedroom and to our deepest regret, we just never even imagined that he would find a way to get to it.  There are so many "if onlys" that flood to mind in a time like this, but we were so aware of the strength of God through prayer.  What a comfort to pour out our hearts in prayer and find God's peace in the midst of all the uncertainty and temptation to despair.  

  We thought about taking him immediately to Zaporozhye, an hour away, where the hospital is somewhat better, but took him instead to the local hospital/clinic for first aid, from their they rushed him by ambulance to Zaporozhye with us following and our van proceeded to break down on the way.  Thank-God we didn't have Daniel with us, and how grateful we are to friends whom we could call and who quickly came to to where we were stranded to bring us the rest of the way to the hospital.    

  People were so kind with their prayers, calls of support and spreading the word for others to pray since we were obviously preoccupied.  The doctors and nurses who cared for Daniel were exceptionally kind, despite the dilapidated and sometimes shockingly primitive conditions.

  We want to give God glory for His care and mercy in any and every circumstance.  We had to continually cry out to God, “Lord, You know our will.  You know the healing touch we are asking from You and which You have the power to give.  But may Thy will be done.  Daniel is our precious child, but even more, He is Yours.  Be glorified through this tragedy.”  We can testify that God is near even in the darkest of hours.  

  How precious to know that "not one sparrow falls to the ground apart from your Father’s will...Do not fear therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.” (Mt. 10:29-31).