Ministering in Ukraine

A Peek Behind the Scenes

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

A Peek Behind the Scenes

  I briefly stepped onto the bus with my daughters to pay their fare to the city of Zaporozhye where they were traveling to see friends.  After I had exited and the girls found their seats, an elderly woman leaned forward to Diana and asked her, “Was that your father who just left?”

  Diana looked at her but didn’t recognized the woman.  “Why, yes, that was my father.”

  The lady smiled.  “I know who you are!  He’s the pastor in our village, Balki.”  

  Diana nodded.  “That’s right…”

  “And I’ll tell you how I know about you,” the lady excitedly continued.  “When my neighbors’ house burned a year ago, your little church took up a generous offering, and you came and gave that money to the family.  And you also gave them a calendar with Bible verses.”

  Diana slowly nodded again as she remembered.

  “Well, that couple was staying with me, their neighbor, during that time.  They were so very touched by that kindness.  Why, even the orthodox church in our village didn’t come to their help, but your little church did.  That poor wife cried with gratefulness when her husband showed her your gift.  We still talk about it and everyone around us was so taken aback at the way you believers stepped in and helped.  I just can’t say enough for how we respect you….”

  She continued on and on and Diana listened in amazement.  

  Later, when she came home and told me about this conversation, I too, was amazed.

  As with many other instances, we had given that gift, spoken words of encouragement, prayed for those who were suffering, and that had been it.  It was easy to think that the deed which the Lord had laid upon our hearts had been forgotten or maybe not even deeply appreciated.  But how wrong I was to think that.  God had used that act of kindness from our little church to deeply touch people’s hearts and provide a testimony which brought glory to the Lord.

  In this case, we found out about the results.  But how many times have we planted seeds of love and kindness and never seen the fruits?  

  May we never be tempted to think that these acts of obedience to the promptings of God’s Spirit are in vain.  We may not see the results - perhaps not ever in this lifetime.  However, maybe God is doing things behind the scene that we can’t even comprehend.  Ours is to obey and to pray.  The increase is in God’s hands.  

  Sometimes, though, like in this instance, it’s nice to get a peek at what God is doing behind the scenes!