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The Inspiring Legacy of a Missionary Woman

Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Inspiring Legacy of a Missionary Woman

This picture is so special to us.  It’s Elisabeth Elliot Gren meeting our little Daniel the day before the wedding of my sister, Danielle.  We’re grateful to Christi, who was staying with Lars and Elisabeth as a caregiver for this precious lady, for snapping this picture.  

  My sister was also blessed with the privilege of spending time as a caregiver for Elisabeth and developed a special relationship with the Grens.  They came to Ohio for her wedding when we were also home two years ago and Daniel had just been born.  

  The writings and life story of Elisabeth have deeply touched and inspired both Oksana and me.  

  When we learned that she had been taken home to heaven, so many thoughts came to our minds including the desire to run our own race faithfully and leave behind a testimony of love for Christ and others as Elisabeth did.  

  During Danielle’s time living with the Grens, she had the opportunity of reading Elisabeth’s journals from her time as missionary to the Quichua Tribe after the death of her first husband, Jim Elliot.  On Dani’s blog, she shared this excerpt from Elisabeth’s journal in the jungle which, I think, captures the struggles and ultimate victory of faith which was reflected in the life of this amazing woman of God.    

"Today I suddenly thought what a hag I must look...! I would not think of going this way were there a SINGLE SOUL who 'd notice it. But there's not. Days go by now without my hearing one word of English except Valerie's! and what has all this taught me? 'The things which are not seen are eternal.' I thought I knew this and practiced on it before. But I have been stripped of even more lately- things others could never recognize. God knows...and He says to me, 'Lovest thou Me more than these?' And I answer, 'Thou knowest all things- Though knowest that I love Thee. Though knowest no OTHER motive could suffice.'"  'Valerie has amoeba, hookworm, and another parasite I never heard of. Poor little girl- and lonely already. Wanting 'the kids' to play with. Things are dirty, mouldy, messy- and I long for neaness, cleanliness, nice clothes, nice things for Val, and , in short- I wonder if I CAN keep on living like this. Well, I need not wonder. MY FATHER knows whether I can, and He's in charge."  "It is a further trial not to be able to communicate with these [people]: to realize vaguely that they are put out with me for some reason I don't understand; to want to help them keep occupied and to be rebuffed; to feed them things I think they'll enjoy and have them explode with 'bah!' and spit on the floor. Lord, you'll have to LOVE them for me, through me."  "Lord, I 'm here because I believe Thou hast put me here. I didn't seek it. So let Thy whole purpose be fulfilled. I want to say again that I love, trust, praise. Forgive my self-pity, unbelief."