Ministering in Ukraine

In Loving Memory...

Thursday, January 18, 2018

In Loving Memory

During these past, exciting days we had something sad happen as well.  A dear elderly lady in our little village church, Yekaterina, passed away suddenly in her sleep just before Christmas.  Just the week before, she had been so excited to attend the blanket-making project which Oksana had organized at our church and had told us: “This time of fellowship has been so wonderful!  It’s like we’ve already celebrated Christmas!”  She had been with us on a previous Sunday for a communion service, we never knew that this would be our last time together on this earth.  I preached her funeral and shared the message of Christ with her relatives and the people from our village who gathered.  We are sorrowful because we will miss our dear friend, but we rejoice because we have no doubt that her name was in the Lamb’s Book of Life and that we will see her again around the throne of Jesus.

  Yekaterina did not know at this time last year that she would not see another new year, and none of us really know what this coming year will hold for us in joys or in trials.  But may we each purpose to live our lives each day for God’s glory and walk by faith in Him!

Yekaterina is the lady next to Oksana with the purple hat and coat.  This picture was taken just days before she went home to be with the Lord.