Ministering in Ukraine

Seeing the Results...23 Years Later!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Seeing the Results...23 Years Later!

  Last week, our family was blessed by an invitation to the Hilltop Mission Church in Chillicothe, Ohio and we enjoyed a special missions service with our friends, Bob and Jenny Jividen, the precious people of that congregation and their dedicated and fervent pastor, Jared McKinney.

  The most touching moment of the service, for our family, happened unexpectedly after Oksana had shared her personal testimony of how she had come to Christ as a teenager in Ukraine after the collapse of the Soviet Union.  She had explained how a young missionary family had come to her town and it was from Dan and Martha Glick that she had heard the Gospel for the first time and responded in repentance at an evangelistic meeting.  

  After Oksana’s testimony, and before I even reached the pulpit to preach, a lady from the congregation stood up and explained that she was on the missions committee.  She turned to the church with deep emotion and excitement in her voice and said, “Do you remember?  More than 20 years ago, Dan and Martha and their young children came here to our church as they were getting ready to leave for the mission field, to Ukraine!  I can remember that service so well!  We prayed for them, supported them, and even had a fellowship dinner after the service!  We prayed that God would use them and speak through them.  And now, all these years later, we are having the joy of seeing part of the answer to those prayers standing with her family before us and telling us of God’s grace!  We never knew, but God knew!”  

  I can’t even begin to describe the spirit of rejoicing and thanksgiving that filled that sanctuary at the Hilltop Mission Church on Sunday evening!  

  Many times, we have reminded each other as Christians that only heaven will reveal the answers to many of our prayers.  But sometimes, the Lord gives us a little look at what He can do by His mercy and grace through the faithful intercession of His people.  I’m so glad that we had the chance to catch a glimpse of this and remind a congregation that their prayers and commitment to spreading the Gospel really do matter.  

  And for those of us who still may not see the results, let us not become weary in well doing.  Maybe we just haven’t yet been made aware of what God has already done.