Ministering in Ukraine

Though War Should Rise...

Thursday, April 17, 2014

“Though war should this I will be confident”

My neighbor, Vladimir, and I paused in our conversation on the road in front of our houses as we heard the ominous thud-thudding of helicopters.  Within seconds, one after another, the Ukrainian military choppers were flying fast in low formation just above our houses, literally causing the trees to blow in the wind of their rotors.  

  We stood silently for a moment after they had passed, knowing that this was no exercise or training run.  Those helicopters were on their way to kill.  The neighboring region of Donetsk has become the latest breakaway territory within Ukraine as Russian-backed separatists try to repeat the Crimean scenario with other parts of eastern Ukraine.  

  A heavy sense of uncertainty and frustration has settled on Ukraine.  

  However, this has made it all the more important for our family to continue to bring people’s attention to the only true Source of hope and stability - reconciliation with God through Jesus Christ.  We pray for Ukraine, we follow the news, we have our opinions, we hope for the best... but ultimately, our mission as Christians and as citizens of another Kingdom has not changed and never will.  We are called to let our light so shine before men that they may see our good works and glorify our Father which is in heaven.  

  As we all know, a light shines brightest during the darkest of night.  

  It’s not time to retreat within ourselves and wait for better times.  It’s time to reach out all the more and believe God to allow these trying circumstances to draw Ukrainians to Himself.