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Hello, and welcome to the internet home of the Sobie family! My  name is Scott, and our family has a desire to serve the Lord by serving the people of Ukraine where Oksana, my wife, was raised and where we have felt the call of God. This web site is an opportunity for us to post regular updates so that you, our friends and prayer supporters, can effectively know how our family is doing, what we are doing, and how you can pray! May Jesus Christ be honored and glorified! Thank you, and we hope that you enjoy our site!

          2023 Easter Service                         (in Zaporozhia, with refugees from our hometown who have escaped Russian occupation)

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The website of the fifteen stories we collected with Dan Glick to be published and distributed as booklets throughout Ukraine

"Converted to Christ"

An ebook of photographs from my 2015 pilgrimage to Israel, and HERE'S A LINK to the incredible tour of Israel which I would highly recommend!

"Following In His Steps"

1) The war here in Ukraine has brought indescribable  suffering for so many people.  Please pray that God would do a miracle and bring peace to this nation.

2) Pray that these circumstances would be used by God to open people's hearts to the message of salvation and eternal life through Christ, and that we would have the grace to share that message.  

3) Pray for the churches, friends, and neighbors whom we had to leave in our Russian-occupied village and surroundings.  We are in constant contact with them and this continues to be an severely difficult time for them.  

4) Pray for the safety of our family, that we would be delivered from evil and remain under the protecting, keeping hand of the Almighty.  

5) Pray for our three older children in America, because this is a very difficult time for them, being so far apart from us.  


    We are very grateful for the concern and prayers of so many people during this difficult and heartbreaking time for Ukraine.  

  For the first fifty days of the war, we stayed in our village of Balky which was quickly occupied by the Russians in the initial days of the invasion.  We were amazed to see the opportunities which God provided to meet the material and spiritual needs of our people during those difficult weeks.   However, the time came when the Lord clearly revealed to us that it was His will for us to get our family out of Russian-occupied territory.  With miraculous protection and deliverance, God guided our family through the Russian checkpoints and to the city of Zaporozhye which is still under Ukrainian control.

  For now, we have decided to stay here in Zaporozhye and seek to be a blessing and help to the churches and to minister to the refugees (like us) who have had to leave there homes and get out of enemy-occupied territory.  We don't know how long we'll be here, but we are seeking God's will day by day and grateful for the numerous ministry opportunities around us.  

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  Thank you for praying for Ukraine and for our family.  May Christ be glorified even through these terrible events.  

Here's a link to a message from our family during a short visit to the U.S. in August 2022:

2022 Ministry Update